Of je nou een student bent van de Alliance Francaise of gewoon heel graag je Frans wilt bijspijkeren voor een examen; schuif aan bij onze maandelijkse workshops om je zelfvertrouwen in het Frans een boost te geven en je spreek- en schrijfvaardigheid te verbeteren.

Deze interactieve workshops worden geleid door een leraar die native-speaker is en die jou kan helpen om je vloeiend te kunnen uitdrukken.

De workshops zijn toegankelijk voor studenten van alle niveaus.

EErstvolgende WORKSHOPS:

Pronunciation workshop

Tired of not being understood every time you dare to try your French abroad?

Learn the essentials of French pronunciation and gain confidence when speaking in just one workshop! 

The aim of this workshop is to help you improve your accent in French by giving you an overview of the French pronunciation specificities as well as practical tips tailored to your accent.  

You will learn to recognize and produce all the sounds that constitute the French repertoire. You will also understand how the French accent is produced through its rhythm. Finally, we will work on some aspects that often puzzle even high proficiency learners. Here are some of the main questions we will be answering during this workshop:

  • How can you properly pronounce /R/, the “u” /y/ of “tu”, the “e” /ø/ of “deux”, and the nasal sounds as in “un bon vin blanc”?
  • Which letters should be pronounced and which not?
  • How do you cut words in syllables in spoken French?
  • Should you do a liaison here?

The teacher, a French native speaker, will lead this workshop in a fun and interactive way

Open to all levels!

2 x 1h per week for 1 week
From 11am to 12pm, on Monday & Wednesday, in May & June


Wrigting skills workshop

Enhance your writing skills in order to write with more fluidity and eloquence: develop your vocabulary in order to give more depth to your writings, learn how to complexify your texts, tell a story or convince your reader.

Throughout the sessions, your teacher will give you methods and tools on how to enhance your texts and write efficiently.
Each week, you will be writing according to the theme of the session and the advice you will receive will be personalized and target your own goals.

1h30 per week for 1 week
From 1:00pm to 2:30pm , Wednesday, in May & June
Pronunciation Workshop from 13th May 2020 to 17th June 


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