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Alliance Française Amsterdam offers a large choice of classes, from beginner level to higher levels: private courses, children courses, work-related courses and themed workshops. All our classes are taught by qualified teachers.
Group courses start four times a year.

 Before enrolling, take our free online placement test

Our French classes are aligned with the levels of the CEFR allowing you to acquire a recognised level on an international scale. These levels are divided in sub-levels. You can click on the levels below to learn more about them.

To know your exact level and to enroll in the right class, take our online placement test or step by during our Open Days.

Our classes are taught in French, even in the beginners levels. This allows you to feel completely immersed, and helps you to improve quickly!

All courses are also suitable for non-Dutch speaking people.

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When are our classes?

Our group courses start 4 times a year. Our standard and conversation courses run for 12 weeks, with classes once or twice a week. We offer courses on site (OBA Oosterdok) or online.

Missed the deadline to enroll in a group course? Contact us and we will do our best to help you start or continue learning French. You can also chose to follow a private course or an online self-learning class

Winter Session 2024

Registration closed

From 08/01/24 to 08/04/24

Spring Session 2024

Registration closed

From 15/04/24 to 15/07/24

Summer Session 2024

Registration open!

Enroll here! Enroll here!

Autumn Session 2024

Registration open!

Enroll here! Enroll here!

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Standard courses

In group classes, online or at OBA Oosterdook, check our offer!

Private courses 

For all levels at your home, workplace, at Alliance Française or online.

ThemED courses

Improve your French by learning something new about French-speaking cultures 

conversation courses

Parler en français, ça peut être facile ! A course in which speaking is central.

Online courses 

Do you prefer to study French at home? Follow our French class wherever you are!

french for work

Do you have to speak French in a professional context

Special discounts

Different discounts cannot be combined.

Are you a full time student?

Is a friend or family member also interested in taking French classes?

Get a 10% discount on registering for a French group course. *

*Offer only valid for group courses and full sessions (12 or 10  weeks long).

Please email bonjour@afamsterdam.nl,
You will be asked to show your student ID.

Sign up simultaneously for a class to benefit from our "Duo Discount": 5% off for each person enrolled.*

You may sign up for different courses.
*Offer only valid for group courses and full sessions (12 or 10 weeks long).

The discount will apply automatically when both people enroll simultaneously on the same invoice.

Mon Alliance en ligne

Mon Alliance is our online platform, accessible anytime, anywhere, to allow you to learn French at your own pace. If you enrol for a standard or conversation class, you will be given access to Mon Alliance!

On Mon Alliance, you have access to plenty of extra activities! Here is an example:

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