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Learn French in Amsterdam!

Alliance Française Amsterdam offers a large variety of French courses for students, professionals as well as for children. All of the courses are suitable for an international audience. We are located in the centre of Amsterdam with our office in the library Centrale OBA, at only five minute distance from the central station.

The Alliance Française network is managed by the Fondation Alliance Française and gathers more than 800 Alliances Françaises working in 132 countries across the world. We all share the mission to encourage the study of French language, and to promote and enhance the knowledge and appreciation of French and Francophone cultures through educational programs and cultural events.  The Alliances Françaises’ network in the Netherlands is one of the most dynamic with 34 Alliances Françaises. 

The Alliance Française Amsterdam:

The Alliance Française Amsterdam was originally founded in 1895 and was one of the first created among this world network. The AFA was a main cultural actor in Amsterdam with a large programme of conferences at that time, and took part in the creation of the “Concours de la Chanson Française”  through her president, and professional singer Henriette Tuker. The AFA disappeared in 1988, after her president left Amsterdam. This is now in 2017 that the Alliance Francaise Amsterdam re-emerges and intend to be a main actor in Amsterdam for all the French and Francophone culture.

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The Alliances Française network in the world:

Founded in Paris in 1883 to promote French language and culture throughout the world, the Alliance Française is present in more than 132 countries, about forty general delegations, more than 800 French Alliances with more than 500,000 students all courses combined.

The Alliance Française has 3 missions:
-Provide French courses, in France and throughout the world, to all audiences,
-Participate to the promotion of the French culture and francophone cultures, in all dimensions,
-Promote cultural diversity by highlighting all cultures. 

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