IN-Company Courses

Choose the business French training that fits precisely the needs of your business.

The Alliance Française accompanies all organisations and companies with adapted and efficient programs to facilitate the linguistic needs you require.
Specialised in providing French language classes but also French culture classes, we help companies develop professional activities with French-speaking business partners or in French-speaking countries to train their staff.

A French language training course will provide you with the ability to:

Interact more confidently when visiting French-speaking countries or dealing with French-speakers
Strengthen your relationship with French-speaking colleagues and clients through a show of interest in the French language and culture
Demonstrate goodwill and facilitate international communication at both a personal and organisational level.

Do most of your clients or colleagues speak Dutch? It’s time to learn the language so you can communicate with them easily! The Alliance Française Amsterdam gives Dutch classes for French speakers.


The Alliance Française gives great attention to our professional relations: your satisfaction and comfort are essential to us.
Our team of tutors has abundant experience in French teaching.
All our professors are native French speakers and are qualified in the teaching of French as a foreign language.
This is a key-criteria for a favorable cooperation and for the final success of each training.

The AFA Advantage

Great flexibility

Classes are tailored to meet your organization’s timeframe, goals and logistical needs. Courses are offered at  your office or at Alliance Française Amsterdam (OBA Centraal), with a flexible schedule starting any time during the year. It also extends to cancellations & rescheduling.

Excellent teachers

Our teachers are experienced in teaching French in a corporate setting. They are all native French speakers fully qualified to teach French as a second language.

Language Training Format

Our offer not only matches your field but also your employees' schedule. Our classes can be scheduled weekly or with a more intensive format, face-to-face or remotely (via Zoom).


Courses may include a final evaluation from the Alliance Française Amsterdam.
According to the content of the training, students also have the possibility to sit the official diplomas for French language (DELF, DALF or TCF) offered by the Alliance Française Amsterdam. 

Discover  10 good reasons to learn French for your business.

For Business French, fill up the enquiry form to receive a tailor made offer! For Business French, fill up the enquiry form to receive a tailor made offer!

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