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All our classes are taught by
qualified and experienced teachers.

The group courses start four times a year.

Our standard courses will help you progress in French thanks to a comprehensive approach. In those classes, the various language-learning skills are activated (listening/speaking, reading/writing, etc.), and you will also explore cultural aspects and work on selected grammar points. 

Duration of our courses

Our standard courses closely follow the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages, from A1 to C1.  

For example, according to the CEFR, to complete the whole of level A1, you will need about 90 hours of “guided learning”. Our standard courses are therefore divided into 3 sub-levels of 30 hours each, over 12 weeks: A1.1, A1.2 and A1.3. 

Common European Framework Guided Learning Hours

CEFR Level  Guided Learning Hours 

A1: Elementary 


A2: Upper Elementary


B1: Intermediate 


B2: Upper-Intermediate


C1: Advanced


C2: Proficient


What's your level? 

Click on the levels below for a detailed description of the CEFR levels.
To know your exact level, please come by during our Open Days or take our online placement test.
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Upper Elementary




Upper Intermediate



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Our teaching method 

To ensure progress at your own pace while following a group class, our Standard Courses use an innovative method called “flipping the classroom” (“la classe inversée”).  

How does it work?

Each week, you will meet your teacher and fellow students online or in-person for a 2-hour lesson. Additionally, you will be required to work on your own for about 30 minutes on our online learning platformMon Alliance

During this extra “guided learning”, your teacher will explain which specific points or exercises to work on. For instance, you might be asked to learn new words, to read a text, listen to an audio extract or watch a video and answer questions about it, to start learning about a new grammar point, to prepare for a debate in class, etc.  

Studying independently on our learning platform will therefore allow more time in class to focus on your speaking skills, interacting in French with your teacher and the group to discuss the content and topics worked on the platform, ask questions and go further. The time in class with a teacher is therefore spent more efficiently

Please note that the lessons are therefore 2,5h per week, as the extra 30 minutes of guided learning are required to prepare for the following lesson

Additional (and optional) homework will also be suggested by your teacher for students who would like to practise more at home. 

Required material

For all our standard courses, you will be asked to purchase a textbook and its exercise book. The same books cover a whole level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1):

The cost for Mon Alliance is already included in the course fee. 

Our online plaform: Mon alliance

Mon Alliance is our online platform, accessible anytime, anywhere, to allow you to learn French at your own pace. 

Our next session - from september, 18

Evening group classes at OBA 

6:30 to 8:30pm from 18 September to 15 December at OBA Oosterdok
2 hours a week + 0,5h of guided self-learning on our online platform 

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Evening group classes ONLINE

From 6:30 to 8:30pm from 18 September to 15 December
No class from 23 to 27 October
2 hours a week + 0,5h of guided self-learning on our online platform

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Lunchtime group classes ONLINE

From 12 to 1pm, twice a week
From 12 to 2pm once a week

12 weeks from 18 September to 15 December
No class from 23 to 27 October

2 hours  a week + 0,5h of guided self-learning on our online platform

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