Online Courses

Do you prefer to study French at home? The Alliance Française Amsterdam offers  different online solutions.

Why take online courses with Alliance Française Amsterdam?

All our teachers are fully-qualified and native French-speakers;
You can learn at your own pace, anytime and anywhere;
  You can learn with others by practicing French in virtual classrooms;
Your teacher is available with great tips and cultural insights
You have access to an online learning platform, Mon Alliance

Which online course should I follow ? 

Intensive courses
Conversation courses
Private courses
Exam preparation courses
100% autonomy
Dutch courses

Intensive courses

If you want to learn fast, check our intensive courses: learn with our online platform and with our teachers.


Special online beginner course 


Boost your A2

Boost your B1

Boost your B2

Conversation courses

Enjoy speaking French online and improve your speaking and listening skills. 



Private courses

Book a private lesson with one of our teachers, to learn at your own pace. 

for adults

for children

Exam preparation

Do you want to get ready for a TCF or DELF exam? 


Preparation course


Preparation course

Without a teacher?


You can receive a daily French email to supplement your French classes


Learn with the online platform of the French National Centre for Distance Education
(From level A2)


Want to learn Dutch online? Wat leuk! 

DUTCH beginners

Still can't find the perfect online lesson for you? Contact us:

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