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Do you prefer to study French at home? The Alliance Française Amsterdam offers different online solutions.
Découvez nos cours de français en ligne: cours général, cours de conversation, cours privé, cours enfant... tout est possible avec notre plateforme Mon Alliance en ligne.

Why take online courses with Alliance Française Amsterdam?

All our teachers are fully-qualified and highly-skilled French-speakers;
You can learn at your own pace, anytime and anywhere;
  You can learn with others by practicing French in virtual classrooms;
Your teacher is available with great tips and cultural insights
You have access to an online learning platform, Mon Alliance

> Standard and conversation courses

> Thematic workshops

> Without a teacher

> Exam preparation

>  Private courses

Standard and conversation courses

2.5h/week or 2 hours/week over 12 weeks

Online standard courses Online standard courses

Online conversation courses Online conversation courses

Thematic workshops

Français pro - J'améliore mon écrit

Friday, from 8 to 10AM.
From June 2 to July 7.

Do you use French in a professional context, or do you want to develop your skills to further your career? Join this professional writing course!

In this workshop, you will learn useful formulas for written communication in French, in email exchanges. You will choose the tone, register and vocabulary adapted to your interlocutor. Improve your grammar to produce clear, effective and professional sentences! You will also learn how to format a CV and cover letter according to French standards.

Without a teacher?

Parcours phonétique

Follow this course at your own pace get to really understand the French sounds. In this course, you will have the opportunity to do more than 700 exercises: listen, repeat, record yourself and do it all again!

Apprendre en Autonomie

Study in autonomy  with our online learning program. You will have access to content and exercices built according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages.


You can receive a daily French email to supplement your French classes

Exam preparation

Do you want to get ready for a TCF or DELF exam? 


Preparation course


Preparation course

Private courses

Book a private lesson with one of our teachers, to learn at your own pace. 

for adults

for children

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