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Movie nights
French-speaking movies in Dutch Theaters
Interviews by Alliance Française Amsterdam (Céline Sciamma, Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Joely Mbundu and Lola Quivoron)
Past movie nights
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Movie nights

Soirée Ciné 

The Alliance Française Amsterdam, in collaboration with Het Ketelhuis, is glad to present to you Soirée ciné. Every second tuesday of the month, join us for a unique screening of a French film that will not be released in the Netherlands.

Next edition on February 14th
Les Jeunes Amants, by Carine Tardieu
(Dutch  subtitles)

- The screening will be followed by a Q&A session (online) with the director Carine Tardieu -

Coming soon: 

Une histoire à soi (2021) - Amandine Gay


The Alliance Française Amsterdam is happy to present to you its Ciné-club in collaboration with Institut Français. Every last monday of the month, join us at Café Brecht to (re)discover a cult French movie.

Next edition on March, 27th
Compartiment tueurs, by Costa-Gravas
(English subtitles)
- followed by an exchange in French -

Coming soon: 

Bob le Flambeur (1956) - Jean-Pierre Melville
Les demoiselles de Rochefort (1967) - Jacques Demy
Les diaboliques (1955) - Henri-Georges Clouzot
Au Hasard Balthazar (1966)
- Robert Bresson

FRench-Speaking Movies in Dutch Theaters

For members of Alliance Française Amsterdam, a special discount is available of the following films on the website of cinéma Rialto with use of promo code afrialto. A presentation of your membership confirmation email will be requested.

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 Lola Quivoron

Julia lives off small-time schemes and has a devouring, almost animal-like passion for motorcycling. One summer day, she meets a group of bikers who are into cross-bitume and infiltrates this underground scene, made up mainly of young men. Before an accident undermines her position in the gang...

"Breathtakingly energetic. A punch in the face." ELLE


Louis Garrel

Familial tensions, criminal hijinks and unexpected romance collide in the uproariously entertaining new comedy from the multi-talented Louis Garrel (A Faithful Man), about the misguided attempts of a dedicated son who, in trying to protect his mother, finds himself embroiled in an elaborate heist. Lyon, present day. When widowed marine biologist Abel (Garrel) learns that his impulsive mum Sylvie (Anouk Grinberg) is once again re-marrying – this time to an inmate she met whilst teaching theatre in prison – he’s much more than uncomfortable. Doubting that convicted burglar Michel (Roschdy Zem) is capable of turning over a new leaf, Abel’s protective streak kicks in, and so with the help of his best friend Clémence (a sensational Noémie Merlant), he begins tailing his new stepfather’s movements. Their amateur sleuthing is quickly uncovered by Michel and triggers an unlikely – and bold - business proposition for them both…
Selected as the special Gala Screening to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival - where it drew a thunderously positive response - this hilarious, quintessentially French comedy aims to please and does so effortlessly

Interviews by Alliance Française Amsterdam

Céline Sciamma

For the release of Petite Maman on the 16th of September 2021.

Interview en français ! Interview en français !

Interview in English! Interview in English!

Luc & Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Joely Mbundu

For the release of Tori et Lokita on the 20th of October 2022.

 Frères Dardenne - Interview en français  Frères Dardenne - Interview en français

Dardenne brothers - Interview in English
Dardenne brothers - Interview in English
 Joely Mbundu  - Interview en français  Joely Mbundu  - Interview en français

Joely Mbundu - Interview in English
Joely Mbundu - Interview in English

Gaspar Noé

For the release of Vortex on the 17th of November 2022.

Interview en français ! Interview en français !

Interview in English! Interview in English!

Lola Quivoron

For the release of Rodeo on the 12th of January 2023.

 Interview en français !   Interview en français ! 

 Interview in English!  Interview in English!

Past movie nights

Soirée Ciné

La Brigade (2022) - Louis-Julien Petit + discussion after screening
Arthur Rambo (2021)
-  Laurent Cantet + Q&A with  Laurent Cantet
Tom Medina (2021) - Tony Gatlif + Q&A with David Murgia
Presque (2021) - Alexandre Jollien, Bernard Campan + speaker
L'Horizon (2022) - Emilie Carpentier + Q&A with Emilie Carpentier
Madeline Colins (2021)
- Antoine Barraud
France (2021) - Bruno Dumont
Le brio (2017) - Yvan Attal
Ibrahim (2020) - Samir Guesmi
Les éblouis (2019) - Sarah Suco
Seules les bêtes (2019) - Dominik Moll + Q&A with Dominik Moll
Rouge (2021) - Farid Bentoumi + Q&A with Farid Bentoumi
Le discours (2021) - Laurent Tirard

Alliance française Amsterdam is the co-creator of Tapis Rouge Festival with Cinéart and fondation Echappée belle and official partner of the frans film festival for 2019 and 2020 editions. At Het Ketelhuis, de Filmhallen and Pathé Tuschinski, more than 30 French movies were screened for an international audience, including school screenings. With exclusive premieres, interviews and Q&A sessions, Tapis Rouge offers the best of French cinema in the Netherlands.

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