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Studying at the Alliance Française Amsterdam is a wonderful experience!
Let's discover the testimony of our students.  

I enjoyed my experience at the Alliance Française Amsterdam because courses are taught in a very professional way and the exercises are very varied, ranging from reading, writing and grammar. Teachers use videos, games and interactive interactive exercises to animate their lessons.

Pieter van Wijnen AFA Student

I learned a lot from the AFA courses, an organisation where I had a very positive experience. I am looking forward to start the B2.2 course! Having a new teacher will give me a new perspective on my learning of French.

Irma Janssen AFA Student

I chose to study at AFA because of its reputation for excellent courses and I have enjoyed the experience immensely! Teachers are excellent, classes are dynamic and AFA offers many opportunities to practice French, such as cultural events, cafés and apéros conversation. It's a great opportunity!

Carolina Moreirão 35 ans, spécialiste en psychologie clinique et psychanalyse

Thanks to the additional activities organised by the AFA, such as film screenings, lectures and conversation cafés, the AFA gave me the feeling of belonging to a "community" of people from very different backgrounds but sharing the same interest. I also really enjoyed browsing the Descartes library after class, which has a multitude of books in French.

Anneke Stadig 68 ans, historienne

I took an online preparation course for the DALF C1 exam in April/March 2020. I really enjoyed my experience at AFA, thanks to whom I was able to pass my exam!

Miny van der Wiele - van Eijden AFA student

I greatly enjoyed my experience with AFA because courses offered by this organisation allow for good practice and therefore a significant improvement in oral and grammatical skills.

Ethlyn Vonsee AFA student

I enjoyed my experience at AFA! During my online conversation classes, the teacher was very enthusiastic, flexible and up to the actuality! The teacher was very responsive to the needs of the students.

Angelique Bongers 66 ans, coach

I really enjoyed studying at the AFA. Our teacher chose nice subjects and also included us in the realization of her courses. I felt connected to my classmates and it was easy to express myself freely during class. It was a a very rewarding experience!

Milou AFA student

I studied in a cours privé at the AFA for the defence of my thesis, in French. The online course was designed by my teacher based on my level of language proficiency and adapted to my specific needs. I particularly appreciated her method, which was rigorous and demanding while remaining dynamic, flexible and engaging. I finally obtained my Ph. with honours, and I recommend the AFA for any French language update in the academic field!

Lisbetta AFA Student

I work in the hotel industry  and I took part in le cours de français professionnel to better understand the jargon and the common rituals of a French professional environment. I really liked the personal information and corrections, given by Sylvie. Then, the group tasks in the break out rooms. In this course, I learned how to behave in the professional French context and a lot of jargon.

Michel B. AFA student

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