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On Sunday, June 16th, the Alliance Française of Amsterdam will organize its very first edition of The Fête de la Musique!

This event will take place at the Openluchttheater, nestled in the heart of Vondelpark. On this occasion, French music will be celebrated with three artists who have a special connection to France performing on stage. The program includes covers of French music classics, new inspiring creations, and electronic music.

Sunday, June 16th
Openluchttheater, Vondelpark, Amsterdam

Discover the artists: 


Stijntje Booij hails from Amsterdam. She captured attention in 2017 with her performance at the Open B.A.C. at the Betty Asfalt Complex, where she was quickly selected for the special edition reserved for the best artists of the season. Her relationship with music began at an early age, when she started playing the violin. Stijntje writes her own songs and accompanies them on the piano. On 16 June, she will be sharing a little piece of her world and her special attachment to France.


Katell took part in The Voice Holland, a show that won over the Dutch public with its covers of great French classics by Aznavour and many others... She draws her inspiration from her love of France, her country of origin, and the Netherlands, her country of adoption. In a blend of folk and pop, Katell will be sharing her world with us on 16 June before continuing her tour of the Netherlands with her show ‘Aujourd'hui Paris’.


After making worldwide audiences dance to their DJ sets, Jacques Lavoisier and Grégory Lion are coming to Amsterdam for a unique concert. Their artistic vision integrates Grégory’s classical piano and composition training with Jacques’ expertise in neuroscience and artificial intelligence. In 2023, Jacques & Grégory joined TRAX Records, thus becoming the first French artists within the American house music label.

Free admission. Registration required.

We look forward to seeing many of you to celebrate summer and the Fête de la Musique!
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Le FESTIVAL - Edition 2023 - Pa'Dam

Vendredi sur Mer

9 mars 2023 - Boom Chicago

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Emma Peters

16 mars 2023 - Melkweg

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Pierre de Maere

29 mars 2023 - Melkweg

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Concert André simony

Samedi 18 mars - 20h - Théâtre Munganga

André Simony was seven years old when his uncle, an amateur guitarist, taught him his first little songs and introduced him to the world of guitar. Today, nearly 60 years have passed, the passion is intact, and his career as a musician remains rich and unclassifiable.

A concert tour close to the public, under various formations (solo, small ensemble or with orchestra) takes him on the roads of France, Morocco, Israel, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc. He likes and favours venues that promote encounters and sharing with spectators.

After a leadership position at a Conservatory with more than 1,000 students and nearly 40 teachers, from 2012 to 2017, where he was able to instill a real "vision" of the stakes of music and its transmission, he now devotes himself to his beloved guitar and concerts.

Since the lockdown, he has regularly posted videos on his You Tube channel as mini-concerts, to keep in touch with the public. His repertoire perfectly embodies the richness of the guitar. His musical palette is a journey through time and cultural traditions.

Thus, with the concert «Mélodies de France et du monde», through emblematic works, André Simony offers us a journey to the heart of the melodies of France, and more broadly of the songs of the world. A poetic and musical peregrination to the rhythm of “La Bohème”, “Les Feuilles Mortes”, “Chansons Mexicaines”, “Ave Maria”, Milongas and other Canciones...

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Dimanche 9 octobre - 20h30 - Théâtre De Roode Bioscoop Amsterdam


Thanks to the TV programme Chansons! with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and Rob Kemps, the French chanson is experiencing a new youth in the Netherlands. Singer Britta Maria and pianist Maurits Fondse have for many years, together with accordion virtuoso Oleg Fateev, have been bringing the chanson to the theatres with programmes like Aznavour Mon Amour, Serge Gainsbourg Forever and Chansons of Beauty and Consolation.

In the new theatre concert Vive la Chanson!, singer Britta Maria, pianist/singer Maurits Fondse and accordionist Oleg Fateev perform moving and uplifting French Chansons by great French singers such as Aznavour, Brel, Gréco, Gainsbourg, Barbara, Yves Montand, Piaf, Zaz, Pravi, Julien Clerc et al.

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Entretien CROISé - la chanson francophone 

A l’époque où la chanson anglophone est omniprésente, qu’en est-il de la musique francophone ?  

Entretien croisé entre Charles Spira - créateur du podcast « Bonjour Chanson » - et Magali Michaut - autrice compositrice qui a joué dimanche 24 octobre à 16h au Théâtre Munganga à Amsterdam.

"Bonjour Chanson"

​​​You are starting French and are looking for new fun ways to practice your listening skills? The Bonjour Chanson podcast is made for you! You will discover French songs introduced in English by Charles Spira. It is time to French up your spotify playlist !

The creator and host of Bonjour Chanson is Charles Spira, ​he was born in Belgium and now lives in the United States. During his childhood, Charles used to go to the Music Hall with his mother. There, he met Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, George Brassens, Jacques Brel and many others and fell in love with French music. 50 years later, he decided to create a podcast in English to introduce to the beauty of French song to the English-speaking public. His podcast is now broadcasted in Canada, the United States, France and Switzerland.


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