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Because the earlier the better, encourage your child to learn French with our stimulating courses!

Learning a language is highly beneficial for students of all ages as it stimulates their intellectual development.

The Alliance Française Amsterdam is proud to use its expertise to offer classes that fit your child's level and interests: classes are built around songs, games and playful activities that allow them to build up their level of French in a fun environment.

The Alliance Française Children Courses offer:  

Immersion in a French class environment 

Efficient teaching methods

Francophone, qualified & experienced teachers 

Regular feedback given to parents 

Registration is now possible session by session, or for the whole year to guarantee your child’s place in the class (with a 10% discount!).  

If requested, your child may be able to sit for a DELF exam and to get an official and international recognition of their level of French. More info here or by writing to !

French discovery

Never too young to start learning a new language! At Alliance Française Amsterdam, we enhance children's natural ability to learn a language by providing a structured routine that is both dynamic and interactive.

Enrollment for January 2024 is open!

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French-speaking kids

Your child has a francophone background, is attending a school in Amsterdam in another language, but using his/her French less? The Alliance Française Amsterdam offers specific French courses designed for French-speaking children who use French on a daily basis or have a French background, without attending a French school.

Nos cours de français pour enfants francophones permettront à vos enfants de renforcer leur pratique de la langue, orale comme écrite, dans une ambiance bienveillante. 

Les inscriptions pour janvier 2024 sont ouvertes !

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Exams & certifications

The DELF Prim or Junior (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue française) is a diploma issued by the French Ministry of Education in recognition of French-language studies, for 7 to 17 year-olds. The DELF examination is internationally recognised and is valid for life. 

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Activités périscolaires

Only available for children enrolled in one of the French schools in Amsterdam.
Réservées aux parents dont les enfants sont inscrits dans une école française.

Vincent Van Gogh Vincent Van Gogh

International French school International French school

Please contact us for more information:

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