summer session

Parlez français this summer and join us in our classrooms for our Conversation courses. Seize the opportunity to improve your skills at a fast pace with our Intensive classes that will help you dive deeper into your French knowledge, or join us for a unique serie of thematic workshops focused on a selection of French regions: Voyage en France.

intensive courses

These intensive yet compact courses will boost your skills, according to your level and needs.
You will focus on your oral skills so you can put your knowledge into practice with the help of your teacher, twice a week for 3 weeks. In addition, you will have 2-month access to our online learning platform, Mon Alliance, where you will find grammar exercises and self-corrective activity for you to keep on practising at your own pace all summer long.

From July 11th to July 28th - Online
Only 11.4€/h

Boost your a1  Boost your a1 

Boost your a2  Boost your a2 

Boost your b1  Boost your b1 

Boost your b2  Boost your b2 

Unsure about your level? Take our free online placement test!

Conversation courses 

This interactive course will help you become more confident in speaking French,  just for four hours a week. This course will boost your self-confidence so you can start your summer holiday with a French accent. You will learn to speak with ease and skill!

Only 12,5 €/h



11 & 13 July  11 & 13 July 

18 & 20 July 18 & 20 July

25 & 27 July 25 & 27 July

Conversation b2/c1 

11 & 13 July 11 & 13 July

19 & 21 July 19 & 21 July

26 & 28 July 26 & 28 July



29 & 31 August  29 & 31 August 

5 & 7 September 5 & 7 September


30 August & 1st September  30 August & 1st September 

6 & 8 September 6 & 8 September

This summer, let's go on a virtual trip to France ! Each Saturday, one of our teachers will talk about their region and give you an unique insight into its food, wine and main attractions.  
You can enrol for one or several lessons and follow them from where you want!

From July 9th to August 27th - Online

pyrénées Orientales

Saturday 9th July - with Margaux Brial


Saturday 16th July - with Matthieu Couvreur


Saturday 23th July - with Matthieu Couvreur


Saturday 30th July - with Virginie Lacomme


Saturday 20th August - with Maurane Lochon

pays de la loire

Saturday 27th August - with Charlotte Roger

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