Discover our literature favorites and recommendations and find out again the pleasure of reading! We are located in the heart of Amsterdam, at OBA Oosterdok, where a large collection of French-speaking books are available through La Collection Descartes, made available by Institut Français des Pays-Bas. 

Les cercles de lecture

Every month and a half, the Alliance Française Amsterdam organises a one-hour "Cercle de lecture" at Oba Oosterdok from 6pm to 7pm.

Those Cercles de lecture are the perfect occasion to practise your French with other Francophiles and book-lovers. During one hour, we discuss the themes at the heart of the chosen book, talk about how the story and text are structured, compare with other artistic pieces and enlarge our perspectives on literature.

Come and join us for our next Cercle! Stay tuned and follow us on social media at @alliancefrancaiseamsterdam to know the next date.

Les conférences littéraires

"A la recherche du temps perdu..." Rediscover Proust with Stéphane Heuet !

To mark the centenary of Marcel Proust's death, the Alliance Française d'Amsterdam has invited scriptwriter and illustrator Stéphane Heuet to give a literary lecture (November 2022).

Since 1998, Stéphane Heuet has been adapting Marcel Proust's literary masterpiece into a comic strip...

A opportunity to think about social class movements in France with Adrien Naselli

In November 2023, the Alliance Française Amsterdam welcomed essayist and writer Adrien Naselli for an open discussion on his investigation into class defectors.

In his book, Adrien Naselli gives a voice to those we never hear from. Princes and princesses of the Republic, class defectors have seen their parents relegated to the background. This book gives them back their crown.

An upcoming discussion about environment and humanity with Laurent Petitmangin

Critically acclaimed author, Laurent Petitmangin will be in Amsterdam in 2024 to talk about his new book "Les Terres Animales".

In a post-apocalyptic place marked by death and devastated nature, a group of resistant fighters stubbornly refuses to leave a contaminated site... An intelligent, moving story that provokes an immersive, thought-provoking experience. It captivates the reader, offering a plunge into the human soul in the face of catastrophe.


Saturday 16 March from 10.30am to 12.30pm at OBA Oosterdok, from level B2

Do you know Francis Ponge, Paul Claudel, Ghérasim Luca, but also Grands Corps Malade, Abd Al Malik and Gaël Faye? What do they have in common? Poetic performance through writing!

Come and discover how contemporary poetry has evolved, its major French-language authors and, above all, its links with slam, a genre that emerged in France in the 1990s. In this workshop, you'll study some of the poems and songs to reveal their hidden meanings and the writing and performance techniques that link them. You'll tackle the key themes, read poems by major French-language poets and slammers, and discuss these "slammers, the new nomadic poets, who have revived popular poetry in the form of urban cabaret, a rhythmic form of speech that draws on ordinary words and everyday themes". [Katia Bouchoueva]

This workshop is all about wordplay and musical poetry!

Improve your FRENCH writing and vocabulary with Frantastique !

In collaboration with Gymlish, we offer you a fun, concise and personalized writing course!

This online and autonomous program offers : 

  • Each morning, a personalized lesson with French written, audio and video content

  • An immediate correction with your score of the day and explanations

  • An educational path designed according to your profile

  • At the end of the training, a certificate with your level statistics and progress

Don't wait any longer before discovering Frantastique ! C'est fantastique !

  Discover Frantastique Discover Frantastique


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