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Validate your knowledge of French with an official and international diploma

The TCF is a French language test offered by the French Ministry of Education. It evaluates your French language skills at 6 levels (from A1 to C2) determined by the common European framework of reference for languages (CEFR). 

It is intended for people who are non-native French-speakers and who wish to assess and certify their skills in French, for personal or professional reasons.

This official certificate is internationally recognised and valid for two years.
Results will be available within two weeks
and sent to you by email. The certificate will be available 1 week after the results and is to be picked up at the Alliance Française Amsterdam. You can receive the certificate by post for a small fee. 

Which TCF should I take?

At the Alliance Française Amsterdam you can take the following TCF exams on a computer: TCF Tout Public, TCF pour le Québec and TCF  Intégration, Résidence & Nationalité. Please check on this website which one you might need. 

Télécharger le manuel du candidat/Download the Candidate's handbook (in French)

Registration process

1. Chose a date for your exam (limited spots - calendar below),
2. Fill the registration form,
3. The Alliance Française Amsterdam will contact you by email to confirm the availability of a date and send you an invoice.
4. Pay the invoice within 48h to secure your place. Please note that no refund  can be made in case of cancellation for personal reasons.
 5. A week before the exam, you will receive a letter of convocation. Please be on time, with a blue or black pen, your letter of convocation and your ID.          

TCF Tout Public

Why choose the TCF Tout Public?

This test is intended for:

- Professional reasons: the TCF certificate is a benchmark of one's language abilities and may be used to endorse job applications or applications for internal promotion.

-Personal reasons: the TCF provides a snapshot of one's proficiency in French at the time the test is taken.

-For students: this diploma is required for students who wish to apply for a first year undergraduate study to enroll in a university  in France. 

It consists of:

Three mandatory tests:

  • Listening (25min)

  • Mastery and Structural use of the language (15min)

  • Written comprehension (45min)

Two additional tests:

  • Oral expression (12min)

  • Written expression (60min)


  • 140 € for all the mandatory tests

  • 75 € per complementary test

Exam date

Final registration date









Find more information about the TCF Tout Public

TCF pour le québec

This test is intended for:

- Immigration: the TCF Québec is exclusively for people who want to immigrate to Quebec. The test has been designed at the request of the Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion (MIDI). The candidate is free to choose how many parts of the test they will take: it is possible to register for 1, 2, 3 or all parts of the test.

It consists of:

Four modular tests:

  • Listening (39 questions): 35 minutes

  • Speaking (3 tasks): 12 minutes

  • Reading (39 questions): 60 minutes

  • Writing (3 tasks): 60 minutes


  • 75 € per test

Exam date

Final registration date



Find more information about the TCF Québec

TCF Intégration, Résidence & Nationalité

This test is intended for: 

Any foreign national over 16 years of age wishing to validate their level of French for:

It consists of:

Four mandatory tests:

  • Oral comprehension: 15 minutes

  • Written comprehension: 20 minutes

  • Written expression: 30 minutes

  • Oral expression: 10 minutes


  • 190 € for 4 mandatory tests

Exam date

Final registration date











Find more information about the TCF IRN

TCF pour le canada

This test is intended for: 

- Immigration: the TCF Canada is exclusively reserved for people who would like to initiate the process for permanent economic immigration or for Canadian citizenship through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). There are no exemptions for the TCF Canada. 

It consists of:

Four mandatory tests:

  • Listening (39 questions) : 35 minutes

  • Reading (39 questions) : 60 minutes

  • Writing (3 tasks) : 60 minutes

  • Speaking (3 tasks) : 12 minutes


  • 290 € for 4 mandatory tests

Exam date

Final registration date





Find more information about the TCF CANADA

Online exam preparation at your own pace

Do you need guidance in your exam preparation? Practice at home and at your own pace, online.
In order to help our learners pursue their dreams, the Alliance Française Amsterdam has partnered with GlobalExam, an online training platform for language proficiency exams, including the TCF exam.

For more information about it, you can check this webpage.

To prepare on your own, please find a list of resources recommended by France Education International.

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