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Would you like your students to benefit from special attention, linguistic and cultural immersion in the French language and a unique experience that helps them improve their skills while having fun? The Alliance Française provides special offers to complement the school curriculum:

Contest jean de la fontaine - Francophonie month
Immersive workshops in French
French ciné-club
School trip to France
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Contest jean de la fontaine - Francophonie month

Did you know that, this year, we are celebrating the 400th anniversary of the birth of Jean de La Fontaine? You must know this writer for his famous Fables!

We invite you to participate in a contest for kids in order to win a book of Joann Sfar's drawn illustrations of Jean de la Fontaine's fables!

If you are aged between 8 and 16 years old, if you like to draw and if you speak or learn French, then grab your pencils! Choose one fable of Jean de la Fontaine you like the most, write it down on one side, and draw its illustration on the other side.

To go with your drawing, write a short text in French that explains why did you choose this fable. Send your illustration (scan or good quality photo) and your text to before April 30, 2021.



Culturethèque is a digital portal for French cultural institutions located abroad and accessible anywhere in the world, except from France.

Thanks to Culturethèque, you are able to access numerous resources that can be downloaded or consulted online. Many works of French literature are fully accessible to you, but also articles from the French press, music, online concerts, conferences, documentaries, comics, children's literature, French language learning methods or even serious games.

Immersive workshops in French

Immerse your students in a French environment with the Alliance Française! Discover our workshops for school: custom-made programmes to help your students improve their communicating skills and to engage them into learning French through a stimulating educational experience. Diverse thematic workshops can be organised upon request, such as la Bande dessinée, youth literature study, a treasure-hunt…
The programme will be planned with the teachers and will be adapted to the age and level of the students. 


Example: Speak dating event during the French Language Day/Dag van de Franse taal (November 8th 2018). 
This format allows the students to express themselves thanks to a stimulating, dynamic activity and without pressure.  

Workshops can take place at your school or in our premises, at OBA Oosterdok.   
Minimum 8 students per workshop, maximum 20.  

For more information and prices, contact us: 


French ciné-club 

Watching films is an excellent way to improve one’s language skills, while developping cultural knowledge and curiosity for francophone cultures.
The Alliance Française proposes French-speaking film screenings for schools, with a selection of French movies adapted to every age group and level. The screening comes along with an educational kit that allows the teacher to fully prepare the students to the movie. Each film is subtitled in English.
The screening takes place in our premisies, at a date decided together with the school teacher. 

Logistic fees:

0>15 students:  €90

For more information and booking, contact us: 

Films currently available

(click on the image for the trailer)

Neige et les arbres magiques

Un film d'animation de Antoine Lanciaux, Sophie Roze et Benoît Chieux,  2014, 51min.

"A la veille des grandes vacances, Prune quitte ses parents pou la traditionnelle "sortie scolaire de fin d'année". Mais une incroyable tempête de neige s'abat sur la ville... Ce magnifique conte hivernal est précédé de 3 histoires charmantes, où les arbres s'animent."

Recommended for primary school

Comme un lion

Un film de Samuel Collardey, 2011, 1h42

"Mitri a 15 ans et vit dans un village au Sénégal. Comme tous les jeunes de son âge, il joue au foot en rêvant du Barça et de Chelsea. Lorsqu'un agent recruteur le repère, Mitri croit en sa chance. Mais pour partir à l'assaut des grands clubs européens, il faut payer. La famille se cotise et s'endette pour l'aider."
Recommended for middle school

Aya de Youpougon

Un film d'animation de Marguerite Abouet et Clément Oubrerie, 2012, 1h24
"Fin des années 1970, en Côte d’Ivoire à Yopougon, quartier populaire d’Abidjan. C’est là que vit Aya, 19 ans, une jeune fille sérieuse qui préfère rester étudier à la maison plutôt que de sortir avec ses copines. Aya partage ses journées entre l’école, la famille et ses deux meilleures amies : Adjoua et Bintou, qui ne pensent qu’à aller gazer en douce à la nuit tombée dans les maquis..."
Recommended for high school

school trip to france

Do you wish to organize a school trip to France?
The Alliance Française Amsterdam can help you with that! We can help you organize your trip (immersion courses, activities and accommodation) in France with the Alliance Française of your choice.

Contact us for more information at

School Membership 

As a member of the Alliance Française, your school is entitled to the following special benefits. 

o Free access to the French library Culturethèque: an online multimedia library offering 75,000 resources in French including teaching resources organized by level
o Discount on the special school workshops (mentioned above)
o 10% discount on all the French books ordered with our partner Athenaeum (contact the AFA to get your discount code) 
o 5% discount on all books in the French bookstore Le Temps Retrouvé
o 10% discount in the French crêperie Cocotte
o Discount on/free access to AFA events (conferences, conversation workshops...)
o Get 10% discount on your visit in French of Amsterdam by bike or boat with our partner Amsterdam Bateau / Amsterdam Vélo.  


DELF Prim & Junior 


The DELF Prim or Junior (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue française) is a diploma issued by the French Ministry of Education in recognition of French-language studies. The DELF Prim applies to 7 to 12 year-olds and the DELF Junior to 12 to 17 year-olds.  

The DELF Junior test topics are adapted to the teenage lifestyle and correspond to the interests of teens. DELF Prim/Junior evaluates a student’s ability to communicate verbally with native speakers. 

The DELF examination is internationally recognised and has lifetime validity. Schools can encourage their students to get the diploma, which will help them in their academic and professional life. 

As of 2018, the Alliance Française Amsterdam is the only official examination centre for the DELF exams in Amsterdam. 


DELF Prim (A1.1, A1, A2)
One session: May 2021
Registration open:  1st March 2021 until 20th April 2021
Exam date: 12th May 2021.
Registration form
Download the A1.1 sample exam.

DELF Junior (A1, A2, B1, B2)

One session: May 2021
Registration open: 1st March 2021 until 30th April 2021
Exam dates: 26th May 2021
Registration form

Download the brochure (French)

Should you consider registering several students, contact us here: 

For any other specific inquiry or training request, please contact us at:

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