Omdat Alliance Française Amsterdam de Franstalige cultuur en taal in Nederland wil promoten, bieden we tal van culturele, educatieve en sociale evenementen, gekenmerkt door diversiteit en uitwisseling.

Alliance Francaise Amsterdam proposes to cultural events to everyone in the Netherlands. Whether you are a francophone expatriate or a French-learner, beginner or advanced level, there is something for you!

Our monthly Apéro and Café conversation and Dîner en français are organized to enable French-speaking people (B1+) to meet other French-speakers and practice their French, the whole in a friendly and warmful atmosphere.

Twice a month, we propose screenings of french movies accessible to non-French speakers: Soirée Ciné (dutch subtitles) at Het Ketelhuis and Ciné-classique (english subtitles) at Café Brecht. Both are followed by a discussion in French around the film. 

We also organize punctual events, such as concerts or soirée jeux en français. Don't hesitate to regurlarly check this page or our social networks to be aware of our last cultural events! 

Alliance française Amsterdam is the co-creator of Tapis Rouge Festival with Cinéart and fondation Echappée belle and official partner of the frans film festival for 2019 and 2020 editions.

At Het Ketelhuis, de Filmhallen and Pathé Tuschinski, more than 30 French movies were screened for an international audience, including school screenings. With exclusive premieres, interviews and Q&A sessions, Tapis Rouge offers the best of French cinema in the Netherlands.

Besides events, Alliance francaise offers cultural material such as Coups de Coeur littéraires by Audrey Kieffer, Interviews in French and Instagram competitions to win prizes (film and concerts tickets, books and more)!

As a member, you can also receive our monthly cultural newsletter, La Plume, have access to Culturethèque and discounts on shops and services in Amsterdam. 

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