Onze Partners

IN Amsterdam helps international newcomers to Amsterdam and the greater Amsterdam region (residence and work permits, BSN, driving licence). They serve companies and internationals by simplifying immigration processes and helping to settle into life in the Amsterdam Area. IN Amsterdam hosts events too, including regular seminars led by experts, covering topics such as employment, taxes and education. The team at ACCESS is available remotely to answer questions on healthcare, schooling, housing, finding work and more through email or appointment.

Located in Westerpark, Het Ketelhuis is one of the most original movie theaters in Amsterdam. With Dutch film, European art house, children's films and a cozy café - restaurant, Het Ketelhuis definitely is a go-to place of the city for art lovers. In partnership with Alliance Française Amsterdam, the "Soirée Ciné" is organized at Het Ketelhuis every second tuesday of the month, to present to you a unique screening of a French movie that will not be released in the Netherlands. 

The Institut français promotes French culture internationally, in dialogue with foreign cultures. It promotes initiatives related to various artistic fields, intellectual engagement, cultural and social innovation, and linguistic cooperation. It promotes the French language around the world, as well as the mobility of works of art, artists and ideas.

The Amsterdam Public Library Foundation (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam) is a cultural institution that aims to promote the free flow of information in Amsterdam society. The OBA is listed as a cultural public benefit institution.

Arte is a European public service channel that promotes cultural programming. Most of its programming is French or German content but programmes are available with English, Spanish, Polish and Italian subtitles. Not only is Arte available through cable, but also on its digital platform. 

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