Le Tartuffe ou l'Hypocrite - ITA on screen

Date: 17 Oct 2022, 8:00pm - 9:45pm GMT+1 Amsterdam

Le Tartuffe ou l'Hypocrite - SOLD OUT

See the Comédie-Française perform Ivo van Hove’s Le Tartuffe ou l’Hypocrite on the big screen at Internationaal Theater Amsterdam. Join Alliance Francaise Amsterdam to see the play together and have a drink afterwards!

After the success of the ITALive livestreams, Internationaal Theater Amsterdam is expanding the offer with ITA on screen. Registrations of (inter)national livestreams on the big screen in one of ITA's halls.

Celebrating Molière in his house with a work that has never performed by the Troupe seems unimaginable, yet with Le Tartuffe ou l’Hypocrite Ivo van Hove has us discover the original version, which was banned after the first performance in 1664. This production marks Ivo van Hove’s reunion with the Troupe, which he worked with for his stagings of Les Damnés and Électre/Oreste, but it is also a reunion with Molière, whose Le Misanthrope and L’Avare he has already staged, but whom he is directing for the first time in France.

He has chosen this energetic, if not to say frenzied version of the play, which focuses on the crisis Tartuffe sets off when he enters the life of a rich family that is falling apart. It focuses on Tartuffe’s passionate relationship with the rich Orgon’s young second wife, the conflict between father and son and the opposition between Cléante’s progressive and libertine vision of the world and the conservative one espoused by Orgon and his mother.
Ivo van Hove does not forget that Tartuffe is a beggar who “is attributed the role of saviour and man of piety by Orgon, who finds in him a confidant and a spiritual master” so much so that, in order to “seal this unique bond, he decides to make Tartuffe his sole heir. The bomb explodes. Like many of Molière’s comedies, Tartuffe is a social drama.” Ivo van Hove

In French with English subtitles.

  Monday, October the 17th

8PM - 9:45PM

International Theater of Amsterdam 

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