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Le français des médias

Product Code: 2021 S1 - Le français des médias 2021

Age Group Adults
Type Thematic Workshops
Session 2021 - Session 1 / Janvier - Avril
Pace 2 hours/week over 8 weeks
Level Intermediate 2
Intermediate 3
Upper Intermediate 1
Upper Intermediate 2
Upper Intermediate 3
Upper Intermediate 4
Schedules 26 Jan 2021 to 16 Mar 2021
  • Tuesday    6pm 🢒 8pm at ONLINE
Note: This class is taught online via Zoom.

Are you interested in what is happening in the news in France? Are you struggling understanding French media?

Dive into French and francophone media and understand the way it is made, structured and shared, both in its written and oral formats.
Week after week you will improve all 4 skills of the French language.

What type of discourse is used by journalists?
What are the effects on their audience?
How can you write impactful headlines?
How do you lead a strong interview?

You will learn more about French news, newspapers and TV broadcasts, you will analyze French discourse in the media and you will even work with your classmates to create your own journal télévisé!

What our students think: 

Le cours Le français des médias m’a beaucoup plu. On apprend le français et le métier de journaliste en même temps. Héloise est une bonne professeure avec beaucoup d’humour et de patience.


Bas, étudiant AFA, 74 ans.

200.00€ EUR
Approx $241.59 USD

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