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2018 S3 FLE 3-6 ans Wed

Product Code: 2018 S3 FLE 3-6 ans Wed 2018

Age Group Children
Type Standard Children Course
Session 2018 - Session 3 / September-December
Pace 1.25 hours/week over 34 weeks
Level French discovery class
Schedules 19 Sep 2018 to 26 Jun 2019
  • Wednesday - 3:15pm to 4:30pm at École Vincent Van Gogh ( )

Never too young to learn a new language: The sooner, the better!

With this course hosted in the French primary school of Amsterdam, your child will be able to discover a new language with the help of highly qualified and experienced teachers. The course is based on the latest teaching methodologies and technologies, focusing on an interactive and game-based approach. Stimulating all his/hers senses, the activities will engage your child in an active learning.

This course will take your child to an amazing journey where he/she will visit different worlds, (family and house, animals and nature... ). During one year, your child will learn new vocabulary useful for a first discovery of the French language : numbers, animals, weather, colors, transportation… In a fun environment, lessons will be taught through a lot of different activities, such as songs, stories, dances, games, craft…

This course will slowly immerse him/her into a French environment where he/she can develop new learning skills in French. The aim will be to understand simple statements and questions, answering questions by producing words and simple sentences. He/she will learn a lot of new vocabulary useful for a first discovery of French and to express himself in French.

For the older ones, the writing skills will be introduced and developed slowly throughout the year.

558.00€ EUR
Approx $633.22 USD

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