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Grammaire mon Amour! Décembre 2018

Product Code: S3-Grammaire mon Amour! Décembre 2018 2018

Age Group Adults
Type Grammar Workshops
Session 2018 - Session 3 / September-December
Pace 2 hours/week over 1 week
Duration 2 hours
Level Upper Elementary 1
Upper Elementary 2
Upper Elementary 3
Intermediate 1
Intermediate 2
Intermediate 3
Upper Intermediate 1
Upper Intermediate 2
Schedules On Friday, 07 Dec 2018
  • From 4:15pm to 6:15pm (Catherine NAEL)

This course is designed to boost your grammatical knowledge on a particular topic and perfect your weakest point. With those workshops you will be able to build a solid understanding of grammar rules and its exceptions on several main subjects : 
12/10/18 : Le Passé composé
2/11/18 : Les temps du passé (Passé composé, Imparfait, Plus-que parfait)
7/12/18 : Les pronoms (pronoms C.O.D, C.O.I, y, en)
27.00€ EUR
Approx $31.59 USD

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