Jeunes au pair

Get ready for your Au Pair stay in France! 

You would like to go to France as an Au Pair? You speak some French but are not feeling confident enough before taking the big step? This online course is for you! It has been developed by the Alliance Française de Paris and the online Agency Butrfly

5h of self-study in order to:

Learn to communicate with your host family
Understand your future professional environment
Get to know the words you will absolutely need when you arrive in France

This course is accessible from level A2. You can access the online platform and self-study ressources for one year. In this course, you will listen to audio documents, watch videos, work on the vocabulary and grammar. Everything you need to know before going! This includes insights into French culture and habits of French families.

5 hours = 5 chapters! 
1. Discovering your host family
2. Every day life with the children
3. Cooking
4. Taking care of the children
5. Playing with the children

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