Atelier cuisine - Beignets de Carnaval

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Do you want to learn how to cook delicious dishes?

Then join us for our online cooking workshops!

The tradition of beignets began with the Roman festival of the Calendes de Mars. In the Christian religion, Mardi Gras is celebrated on the eve of Lent. In France, beignets have different names depending on the region: "Oreillettes" in Languedoc, "Bugne" in the Lyon region, "Merveilles" in Bordeaux, "Bottereaux" in Pays de la Loire, "Roussettes" in Provence, etc.

Agnès Marie, passionate about cooking, will teach you step by step how to make a beignet for Mardi-Gras!

Gather the ingredients and prepare it live! An online evening in a good atmosphere with your teacher.

Tuesday, February 22

6PM - 7:30PM


Accessible to students from level A1, French speakers and French people !

3€ for members/students*
5€ for non-members

The membership card costs only 20€/ year for the AF's students !

The list of ingredients and the zoom link will be sent at least 1 week before the workshop.

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