Atelier cuisine en ligne

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Do you want to learn how to cook delicious Francophone dishes?

Then join us for our online cooking workshop! During each online workshop, you will learn how to cook a special recipe from a francophone country. Our facilitator will then show you how to cook the dish, with all the ingredients, and you will be able to reproduce the cooking experience while being at home. 

Our next online cooking workshop will take place on Friday the 19th of February 2021, from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. 

For this session, you will cook a Tarte tatin! Here is the list of all the ingredients you will need in order to cook this delicious meal: 

- Puff pastry or shortcrust pastry (because it will take too much time to cook it, we advise you to buy the shortcrust pastry already cooked in a supermarket or to prepare it before the beginning of the workshop)
- Apples
- 100g of sugar
- 100g of butter
- Cinnamon

Recommended for  intermediate & advanced students.

For free for members/students*
3€ for non-members

The membership card costs only 20€/ year for the AF's students !

The list of all the ingredients, the different steps of the recipe as well as the Zoom link to attend the cooking workshop will be sent to you by email a few days before the event date! 

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