Literature Course

Within the 'Cercle littéraire', we read and discuss contemporary French literature.

The first 2018 literature course session will focus on the subject of "Contemporary novel - rewriting history and biographic writing", through a series of 6 different books:

''The contemporary historic novel''
            - HHhH
by Laurent Binet (September 26th)
           - La disparition de Josef Mengele by Olivier Guez (October 24th)
           - L'ordre du jour by Eric Vuillard (November 21st)
           - Petit pays by Gaël Faye (February 20th)

"The autobiographic writing and the autofiction"
           - Rien ne s'oppose à la nuit by Delphine de Vigan (March 6th)
           - A novel of your choice - a classical French novel (Balzac, Flaubert, Stendhal, Proust, Duras…) or a contemporary one (to choose with the teacher) (April 3rd)

Two Q&A conferences will also be organised with two translators (from French to Dutch) - Martine Woudt (Olivier Guez, La disparition de Josef Mengele and Alice Zeniter, L’art de perdre on December 19th) and Prescilla van Zoest (Christophe Boltanski,  La cache on January 23rd). 

Level: B2-C1

Teacher :  Anja-Hélène van Zandwijk, PhD French language and Francophone litterature, Contemporary French litterature professor


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