Les secrets du vin

Discover the secrets of the famous French wine through this special workshop. 

- How do French people make wine?
- How and why do we do wine tastings?
- What are the different wine making procedures?
- How to recognise the region a wine was made in?

Find out the answers to those and many other questions by joining this exclusive workshop. "Les secrets du vin" has been custom-made for Alliance Française Amsterdam and its students. It is a perfect way of combining French speaking and listening practice with your passion for oenology.

Minimum level: B1

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About the teacher

Virginie Schick has been passionate about wine for a long time. After 8 years of professional experience in marketing, she decided to take her career in a new direction. She followed an oenology and wine tasting training through the International Institute WSET, Wine and Spirit Education Trust” and today she is a specialist in French wine. 

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