Exhibition "tous migrants!" Cartooning For Peace

Centrale OBA, 5th etage - from 3rd to 30rd april 2018

Open every day from 10 am to 10 pm, free admission

Exhibition “Tous migrants !” is made of 13 panels, and tells of the long journey of refugees through cartoons, from the reason of their exil to their everyday life in their host countries. The editorial cartoons give an international point of view on this migratory phenomenon which is unprecendeted in modern history.

“All Migrants !” also refers to the Cartooning for Peace albums collection edited by Gallimard : each thematic book is prefaced by an expert and explores a subject of topical interest through editorial cartoons from all over the world. Among them was published “Tous Migrants !”, prefaced by Benjamin Stora – university lecturer, board member of the Immigration History Museum (Paris) and specialist of the contemporary history of North Africa.

This exhibition traces the complex path of migrants through press drawings from around the world. From reasons of departure to the process of integration in a new country, through the obstacles encountered during their trip, cartoonists analyze in a few lines this major challenge for our societies. Over the ten thematic panels, their pencil strokes break the prejudices, denounce the rejection of the stranger and show the contribution and richness of diversity.

© BRANDAN (Afrique du Sud) - Cartooning for Peace

© VADOT (Belgique) - Cartooning for Peace

BOLIGAN (Mexique) - Cartooning for Peace
© BOLIGAN (Mexique) - Cartooning for Peace


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