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Francophone children

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Francophone children:

 La classe de français

Ces cours s'adressent à des enfants ayant au moins un parent francophone et qui utilisent le français comme langue usuelle à la maison. L'objectif est de maintenir et développer le niveau oral et écrit (à partir de 6 ans) de votre enfant.

 Your child is attending a school in Amsterdam, and less using his/hers French? The Alliance Française Amsterdam offers specific French courses designed for French-speaking children who have a daily-based use of the French language or a French background, without attending a French school.

These courses will help them improve their writing and reading skills through different fun activities. They are based on the French primary school levels : CP, CE1-CE2, CM1-CM2.

3-4 Y/O wednesday    

5-6 Y/O Wednesday    

7-10 Y/O Thursday

En avant la musique !

Our monthly musical workshop for children aged 6 to 12!

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Bonjour l'artiste ! 

Our monthly artistic workshop for children aged 6 to 12!

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Non-francophone children:

Never too young to learn a new language: the sooner, the better! The Alliance Française Amsterdam offers French discovery courses for children. In a fun and stimulating environment, the children will learn the basics in order to communicate in French. 

  Les petits: French Playgroups

   3-4 Y/O wednesday   5-6 Y/O Wednesday



  Les grands: French classes

Level 2 (A1.2)


Course prices from only €13.50/hour

Children courses run for one  year (Enrolment possible all year)  -  Payment is possible in two installments.  
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