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2019 S1 B2.1 Tues

Product Code: 2019 S1 B2.1 Tues 2019

Age Group Adults
Type Standard Course
Session 2019 - Session 1/ January-April
Pace 3 hours/week over 12 weeks
Duration 36 hours
Level Upper Intermediate 1
Schedules 08 Jan 2019 to 02 Apr 2019
  • Tuesday - 6:15pm to 9:15pm

All the objectives found below are “communicative ” : grammatical and lexical objectives are included to those topics and will be introduced to you gradually.
(objectives concerning a full session, this list is redesigned for the mid-term french courses)

1st block : À mon avis

  • Express opinions
  • How to choose between indicative and subjunctive
  • Make an opinion survey, organize a debate

2nd block : Quelque chose à déclarer

  • Talk about the identity of a region
  • Listen and understand interviews and documentaries
  • React on the phenomenon of anglicisms

3rd block : Ça presse

  • Present an article
  • Talk about medias
  • Understand written and audio press
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