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2018 S3 Dutch Niveau 1 - Sat

Product Code: 2018 S3 Dutch Niveau 1 - Sat 2018

Age Group Adults
Type Standard Course
Session 2018 - Session 3 / September-December
Pace 2 hours/ week each 2 weeks over 12 weeks
Duration 12 hours
Level Elementary 1
Schedules 22 Sep 2018 to 15 Dec 2018
  • Saturday - 10:00am to 12:00pm

(objectives concerning a full session, this list is redesigned for the mid-term french courses)

  • Introducing yourself
  • Ask to repeat and to spell out
  • How to ask “how do you say…. in French?”  Asking someone’s name and where they live
  • Greetings, introduce and meet someone,
  • Conjugating basic verbs
  • How to pronounce written FrenchAsk about nationality
  • Approach someone and ask simple questions
  • Masculine and feminine adjectives
  • Verb être (to be)Exchange personal details
  • Get back in touch with someone
  • How to apologise
  • Verb avoir, numbersShare about taste and preferences
  • Give an opinion, express an agreement and disagreement
  • Conjugating er verbs typeTalk about habits, suggest an outing, approach a passer-by, accept or refuse an interaction, say what you like to do, offer to do something,
  • Definite article le and demonstrative adjective ce,
  • Express quantity with beaucoup/peu,
  • Express an intention with aimer, vouloir in conditional
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162.00€ EUR
Approx $189.62 USD

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