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2018 S3 A1.2 Fri

Product Code: 2018 S3 A1.2 Fri 2018

Age Group Adults
Type Standard Course
Session 2018 - Session 3 / September-December
Pace 3 hours/week over 12 weeks
Duration 36 hours
Level Elementary 2
Schedules 21 Sep 2018 to 14 Dec 2018
  • Friday - 9:30am to 12:30pm

  • Ask how to find your way, describe a neighbourhood,
  • Negative form,
  • Definite and indefinite articles,
  • Use of quel to ask a questionAsk about someone’s origin
  • Ask for information, show interest on a touristic region
  • Contraction of de + definite article
  • Turn a verb into a noun Ask about a schedule and make an appointment
  • Talk about your activities
  • Express enthusiasm and annoyance
  • verbs of the third group, aller, voir, lire, faire, sortirAsk about habits and timetables, book a ticket
  • How to rectify and apologise
  • Present of verbs pouvoir, partir, prendre, faire, finir
  • Use of the imperative.Suggest an outing or an activity
  • How to accept, justify a refusal politely
  • Present of verbs vouloir, devoir, venir
  • Use of negative form of imperative
Required Course Material
26.00€ EUR
Edito A1 méthode

14.00€ EUR
Edito A1 workbook


Recommended Course Material
450.00€ EUR
Approx $526.71 USD

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