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2021/2022 3-4 Français langue maternelle

Product Code: 2021 2022 CHILD FLM 3-4 ME 2021/2022

Age Group Children
Type Standard Children Course
Session 2021/2022 - Année scolaire 2021/2022
Pace 1.25 hours/week over 33 weeks
Level French speaking kids
Schedules 15 Sep 2021 to 22 Jun 2022
  • Wednesday   2:30pm ▸ 3:45pm at École Vincent Van Gogh (Charlotte Roger)
Note: Prix affiché à partir du 12 janvier.
This course will take place in-person at the Lycée Français, in compliance with the covid-mesures.
If any further restrictions were to be put in place in future meaning that group in-person classes could no longer take place, we are prepared to transition all classes online for any remaining part of the term.

A French playgroup for children aged 3 and 4. 

French is one of your child's language, but she/he is not using it a lot at home? This is the occasion to socialise in French and develop his/her communicative skills. 
Ce cours est réservé à des enfants dont au moins un des deux parents parle français.

Rustenburgerstraat 246, 1073 GK Amsterdam
In Lycée Français Vincent Van Gogh, antenne d'Amsterdam

-10% sur l'inscription d'un deuxième enfant, contactez-nous

Approx $352.18 USD

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