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Session 3 / Septembre - Décembre
Standard Course

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2022S3 A2.1 Mercredi OBA

Standard Course

All the objectives found below are “communicative": grammatical and lexical objectives are included to those topics and will be introduced to you gradually.

1st block : C’est la vie

  • Set up a meeting
  • Talk about artists
  • Talk about night out
  • Talk about your tastes in art

2nd block : Souvenirs, souvenirs

  • Understand an extract of a book
  • Describe a picture
  • Talk about past
  • Write a comment online

3rd block : À la recherche d’un toit 

  • Understand an article from the newspaper
  • Describe a place
  • Find where something is situated

4th block : On n’arrête pas le progrès

  • Talk about future
  • Present a project
  • Describe the utility of something
  • Remind something to someone

Pace: 2.5 hours/week over 12 weeks

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